About Me

Laurie McClellan is a transplanted Midwesterner who still harbors a soft spot for potlucks, the Great Lakes, and people who call a Diet Coke a “pop.” She now lives in the Washington, D.C. area with her husband and two opinionated cats.


In her former career, Laurie was a writer, producer, and video editor for National Geographic Television and the Discovery Channel. She now focuses on writing for print and specializes in science, nature, and travel. Her sideline is freelance photography, and she often provides photography for the travel articles she writes. 

Laurie is also on the faculty of Johns Hopkins University, where she teaches in the M.A. in Science Writing program. She designed and teaches the course in writing personal essays in the sciences.

Complete resume available at LinkedIn.



Wrote blog post for National Geographic that received 30,000 likes ("Elusive Wolverine Caught on Camera," October 23, 2014)

Wrote the most popular article on The Washington Post website for March 5, 2012, which received 600 comments (“The Doctor Diagnosed Chronic Lyme Disease, But Many Experts Say It Doesn’t Exist”)

Nominated for national Emmy for writing and producing “Sudan, Country in Crisis: The Lost Boys,” for National Geographic, 2007

Served as story consultant on the 2006 feature documentary Abduction (“Extraordinary” – Los Angeles Times, “Engrossing” – New York Times, “Exceptional” - Variety)

Gold Award for Writing and Research for “Saving the Pentagon,” Houston International Film Festival, 2001

Meet the Office Staff

Ocicats Emma and Foxy provide valuable support by acting cute and asking for belly rubs.